Live Well.
With, Through and Beyond Cancer.


Cancer can leave you feeling confused, alone, angry and disappointed. Many cancer survivors are surprised and discouraged to realize that life does not go back to normal immediately after finishing treatments. It can be hard to discover your “new normal”. That’s where Survive & Thrive Cancer Programs can help.


Since 2009, we have taken hundreds of young adult cancer survivors on wilderness expeditions and reached thousands more through our films and workshops. We are here to give you a once-in-a-lifetime adventure, help you connect with other cancer survivors who understand, and together create a plan to rebuild your life.


Nothing is wasted if you learn from it.


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Not just talking about life change… showing it happen.

Watch other cancer survivors as they journey through the struggles and success of living with and beyond cancer.

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Retreats &

Local Programs

Building Community. Discovering Wisdom. Inspiring Change.

Three weekend retreats and local adventure activities bring the magic of a wilderness expedition to you.

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Reflect. Refocus. Rebuild.

Join us on a week long wilderness expedition and come home with a plan to rebuild your life in a way that is meaningful to you. 

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Help a young adult cancer survivor make the most of their second chance.