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Lots of neat links to share with you guys today, all cancer-related because, after all, this IS a blog that's part of Survive & Thrive Cancer Programs! πŸ˜‰ I wanted to share some resources with you today because many of us know people (of all ages) who have been diagnosed with cancer and we know that it affects everyone in their circle, not just the person diagnosed. You might be supporting someone and need to reach out for support yourself - every is involved and walks through this unexpected road, so I thought it might be helpful to find out a few places you can turn. (For more about our own story and cancer journey, click here to check out our "about us" video.)

I first want to highlight a great organization in the US called Stupid Cancer who is doing a lot of NOT so stupid things for young adult cancer advocacy! Among other initiatives and local and national events, they are launching a new campaign on Indigogo called Instapeer.


Here's the jist:

Cancer is lonely and we've got the cure. Instapeer, the groundbreaking new mobile health app from Stupid Cancer launches in beta this September. Watch our video, learn more and get involved atΒ

It's pretty cool! And an initiative that you can help support at the above link - they don't have many days left to raise money and hit their goal.

I also wanted to share about Cancer Fight Club, run by one of my favorite Canadian young adult cancer advocates, Emily!

the gang

(there's Emily on the left with me, Matthew Zachary and Kenny Kane of Stupid Cancer in cut-out version, Pat - see below - and Mikey at this year's OMG Vegas Stupid Cancer Conference!)

Cancer Fight Club exists to provide adolescent and young adult patients and survivors, caregivers, family and friends, instant access to the resources and support services that help guide you through your cancer experience. CancerFightClub wants all young adults to have access to medical, psychological, rehabilitation, life-management and support resources in their reach. No matter where you find yourself, we want you to know we are in your corner.

cancerfightclubPat is an amazing woman who British Columbia who has been a supporter, advocate and friend to us and many other young adults (and adults of all ages!). She's a grandmother and wife in a pretty neat family and she even went across Canada with Mikey and I as we toured our first film, Wrong Way to Hope, across Canada!


(With Pat in Halifax, Nova Scotia after our very last screening - coast to coast and 2 months later, celebrating!)

But more than that, she is the woman behind Chasing Rainbows Young Adult Cancer Advocacy and is dedicated to discovering and distributing multi-media support resources for young adults living with cancer, as well as for their caregivers, family, friends, and medical professionals. Check her out if you're looking for lists of resources - and a new best friend. πŸ˜‰

The last is from a new friend of ours, Eric Tien, who is organizing an Indiegogo Campaign for a documentary covering quite an adventure that just kicked off June 1st! Check out Eric's video below asΒ 4K for Cancer, 24 young adults, bike across America to raise money, spread awareness, and inspire other young adults in the cancer community.

Please consider donating to these guys as they bike across the country (I biked this morning about 30 min to somewhere and back and I'm already hurting!).

And, of course, there's our programs, reaching young adult survivors and their supporters in the wilderness on outdoor adventure trips. We still have 2 spots remaining for our end of June kayaking trip in SE Oregon - a trip you do NOT want to miss if you have the opportunity. Check out all the info here and come, live differently with us (if not in early July then in September on a sail boat!).

Thanks for letting me share some links - I hope you or those you are supporting can find them useful! Please note that the above organizations are one of so, so many incredible resources and networks out there - they deserve their own highlight in another post! Have a great Thursday and I'll catch you guys later... Keep fueling your body well, moving as you can (and appreciating whatever it is you can do) and live well.



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