Chacos//Climbing//Community: a good weekend

It was a good weekend... a reeaaalll good weekend. You know when you forget about a favorite exercise in the gym and rediscover it? Or dig into a tub of ice cream and get a bit chock-full of brownie and cookie dough bits all in one spoon? Or get to sit in that first ray of warm sunshine after a long winter and see some color on your pale skin? Yeah - it was a good weekend like that.

Friday evening Mikey and I joined some friends to chat about their upcoming wedding, enjoy some healthy and delicious BBQ salmon, salad and rice and stay out for our first Canadian bonfire of the summer! It was a great way to start the weekend and such a fun and meaningful time with Jacque and Ben. No phones, no pictures snapped, just good time with great people.

Saturday we woke up early (ish) and started packing gear for our first day back on rock! We hadn't been climbing in who knows how long outdoors locally and scooped up our friends Craig and Mandi for some fun on Wasootch Slabs. It was super crowded (first great weather on a Saturday and dry rock!) but we anticipated that, tucked in and found a slab to play on and ending up spending the whole day there until about 6 pm.

photo 2Because only Mikey and I lead climb right now, I was forced to set some routes and climb first, which was scary because I only lead maybe once or twice all of last year. But when you gotta do it...You get it done! Wasootch Slabs is just what it sounds like - lots of slabs! - which means it's friction climbing at it's best. Not as many ledges or good handholds but rather leading with those feet, knees and bum back, trusting those toes on little bits of rock and standing up. Easier said than done when you're leading and haven't climbed in...a few years. 😉

photo 5
I had a few tense moments but I loved being forced to lead rather than being given the option (I'd normally opt for climbing harder routes on top rope) and was reminded of how in the gym you feel the pump and get tired muscularly but aren't as nervous while outdoors there's less pump (at my ability) but more fear. It's great to work on that component and we all got about 6 or 7 climbs in a piece - pretty good for not arriving at the crags until 12 pm!

photo 4photo 2

We had a great time climbing together and can't wait to road trip with these two in about a month! More fun summer adventures to come. One of the best parts of the day though? getting dirty hands and wearing Chacos in between climbs. Ahh...summer time outdoors.

photo 3We headed back to Craig and Mandi's for a late dinner of BBQ'ed burgers, salad and drinks. All in all a fun launch into June!

Without as many pictures, Sunday was another meaningful day, starting with a great sermon on bitterness at church and the chance to connect with some good friends there. If for some reason you're following Jesus and not involved in a church community, I just want to encourage you to find a place to get involved. It's not for our preferences in music or pastors or children's programs that we attend a church, and much less because it makes you "good" or is just a ritual, but it's a way for us to grow, to be encouraged, to be challenged, to corporately worship the Lord and to live life together. How can you grow alone? How can you be bolstered when you need it if no one knows what you're going through? Find a home base, get connected somewhere and allow others into your life and you into theirs - and you're always welcome to come with us! 😉

Back home to do some work, clean the car and enjoy some sunshine while the Calgary Marathon runners did their thing (congrats to all who raced locally and elsewhere; it was a great day here to run a race!). I loved sitting in the sun and planning my workouts for the week while the car got cleaned (thanks to a gift card from a client at Christmas we've been waiting to use!) and it felt so glorious and the sky was so beautiful I had to capture it on the way home:

We drove back over to the church for my sister- and brother-in-laws' update on their life in Mongolia and I was just struck with how alive Jesus is in both of them. Sarah is due at the end of June and it's so exciting to hear about their life, see pictures of their friends and anticipate their little one that will be running around with their Mongolian, Khazak and Russian friends' kids. I teared up several times and was able to pray for these guys and have loved them being back in Calgary and getting to them a bit better these past few months before they head back to their very unique and different life.

photo 5
We jetted out from there to a dinner for small group leaders from our church at a community hall. I loved that it was baseball themed (I felt so American, even though I knew NONE of the trivia...hangs head in shame) and enjoyed a good meal, meeting new people and hearing about all the neat ways God is working in the groups. When we moved to Calgary we really didn't know anyone and had trouble getting connected in our huge church, so we started a small group of 4 people (of which Jacque from Friday night was one!) and have slowly grown to about 12 give or take a few people. These friends are now our go-to people in our lives - we love them, trust them, miss them if we don't see them and have so much history with them now. "Fat Tuesdays" continue to live on where we meet to have good food and drink each week and share our lives together. We're going through the book of John right now and it's been an incredible, eye-opening experience made even better by the community we share. I'm already looking forward to tomorrow night! So the evening was meaningful and a great way to wrap up our weekend.

Sunshine. God's Creation. Climbing. Friendship. Family. Yep - a good weekend indeed - even better than a scoop of ice cream with all the good stuff inside.

Tell me - how would you describe your weekend in 3 words?

Let's start this week off strong! Here's to the first week of June and all the possibilities it may bring! Live well & be well,


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  1. June 2, 2014 at 16:05

    That's the BEST!!! I rediscover my love for tennis every few months. It was such a big part of my life, but I forget how much I like it when I go months without playing now! My weekend in three words: FAMILY, FITNESS, FOOD!

  2. June 2, 2014 at 22:01

    Sounds like a wonderful weekend! We tried to go to a new climbing gym for the first time but it was closed :( but I can't wait to try! I have never climbed, it looks amazing!

  3. I didn't know your sister -and - brother - laws were missionaries! Praying for them... and your family! What a sweet sacrifice for Jesus! You know... I've never been climbing..even at the gym!

  4. June 3, 2014 at 16:15

    Wow, you really make me miss the outdoors! I am from WY but I live in CA right now... LA to be exact - not exactly the wilderness! ha ha!

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