That's right. This was my.kinda.weekend in every way! A group of us girls from church who try to coordinate our schedules between jobs, kids, pregnancies and busyness meet once a month to connect finally got away for our first girls' weekend together! In between laughter, chatter, games, shopping, a spa day, wine and good food, my weekend was sandwiched with fitness - just how I like it. :) Here's how it all went down, starting Friday morning.

Friday was a busy day - which was great! Nice to end the week on a full note - as I had 6 clients in a row. With a personal training meeting after my last client I knew that I was NOT going to stay late on a Friday to workout. But with a spa day Saturday and a full day of movement Sunday, I knew I'd feel better if I got something in. So early to work I went to get a quick burner in before the day began training others.

This is actually a quick workout from Thursday, not Friday, but I thought I'd share all the same because Friday I did a super short, cardio-based workout too. This was a find from Tina and I did:

  • 400 m sprint
  • 15 toes-to-bar (sub: hanging knee raises)
  • 30 double unders (or 60 single jumps)

You repeat for 4 total rounds, increasing the double unders by 10 reps each time, finishing the rounds with 40, 50 and 60 double unders (or 80, 100 and 120 single jumps). It's a short and sweet workout! Here's a video for reference.

If you're struggling with double unders or find that you're jumping with knees up or "dolphin-ing" with your feet and legs coming forward, I encourage you to search and watch tutorials on the movement - it will help tremendously! I thought I could just figure it out but as it turns out, there's much more technique to double unders than just jumping higher or moving your arms faster. Google, watch, and practice, practice, practice. :)

I also finished up what was on Friday day 18 of my PLP Challenge. I did 3 sets of 6 pull ups, push ups and lunges/leg to finish off my short morning workout and then attacked the day!

6 clients and a personal training team meeting later, I was home, packing for our girls' weekend! As soon as Mikey got home we headed out, and I dropped him off with a few of the husbands part way for a ski day Saturday while I continued on to meet the girls in Canmore. Although there was a crazy wind, hail and rain storm in Calgary, as I drove deeper into the mountains the sky opened up and the views were beautiful; I was so happy to be heading out of town for a few days!


I could smell the delicious food down the hallway as I made my way around the Stoneridge Mountain Resort. Nicole had cooked food so dinner was ready for us and the party began. Mussels, BBQ shrimp, caesar salad, garlic bread and wine (juice for the pregos among us). ;) What a way to kick off the weekend!


We talked into the night, got sleepy and hit the hay and then woke up pumped for our spa day at Rapunzel's Aveda Day Spa. This was my first ever spa day and it did not disappoint! The staff were amazing, professional and interactive and we went in chunks of 3 to get massages, facials and aromatherapy pedicures. Can you believe it?!

IMG_7375Relaxed and feeling greasy from essential oils in the best way possible, we finished around 1:30 and were all ready to eat. We strolled over to the Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co. Most of us got the salad & more combo, and I loved my fig and goat's cheese salad and the apple chicken flatbread. I ate 4 of 6 personal-sized pizza pieces (held myself back, really) to save room for the dessert pizza! Check this baby out:

After some more walking around to let our meal settle and some fun window shopping (so many great shoes! Shopping with a group of girls is more fun than shopping alone!), we headed back for more talking (what else?), a hot tub and another delicious meal. I decided to stay the night and drive back to Calgary in the early morning as I was taking a 9 am - 5 pm fitness course, and I'm so glad I did. We played a game and laughed into the night, much later than Friday. It was a blast! Thanks so much for the community and connection, ladies! What a weekend. :)

Up at 5:30 am the next morning, I left the mountains with a smile on my face, drove home in the quiet of the early morning, grabbed some clothes and food and made my way to the Calgary Winter Club who hosted a TRX Rip Trainer certification course. I loved it! Dan McDonogh did a great job leading us through the material and I know that my cuing skills, my understanding of the intense core stability needed and overall comprehension of the product has been enhanced... Looking forward to class on Tuesday to bring this back to the members at my gym!


Here are my main thoughts on the course:

  • The focus is on breaking down the movements and starting from square 1, not about ways to just get new ideas about how to use the Rip Trainer (RT).
  • I loved the goals of the course: get a good workout personally, be able to safely and effectively teach others about the RT, be able to set the RT up anywhere and articulate the benefits of the RT to others (all accomplished!).
  • The course reminded me that if someone can't do a proper or strong plank on the TRX Suspension Trainer, their "standing plank" on the RT while resisting pull on one side of their body won't look any better. If they can't squat properly without they load, they certainly won't squat properly with that unilateral resistance either! That means starting people with the basic movements, teaching them how to really engage their core properly, and finding ways to regress the movements (which is, I think, tougher than learning how to progress them!).
  • Dan presented the material with so much ease in an extremely clear, concise and educated manner; from demoing, cuing and explaining the movements, you can tell and see that he knows his stuff. We got one of the best to teach us!
  • The RT is still a fairly new and misunderstood tool...It's definitely one that can benefit your training from a power, speed, muscular endurance and metabolic conditioning perspective. Those elastic straps and can do a LOT!

If you're looking to get your certificate of completion, I encourage you to check out the website and see when there's a course available near you!

After the course, I did my 20 pull ups, push ups and lunges and hit the road, grocery store-bound and eager to see Mikey. Dinner, clean up, a bath to relax, a coffee shop outing to work and here we are. Whew! What a weekend! And now it's time to turn in and get ready for a busy week ahead.

Fitness & fun - such an awesome weekend! Give me 2 words to describe your weekend...and let me know what's coming up for you this week! Have a great start to a short week ahead friends. Live well & be well,


  1. April 14, 2014 at 18:33

    looks like a wonderful weekend! A spa day is a necessity from time to time! Glad you had a great time.

  2. April 14, 2014 at 23:42

    Oooh, yay! A girls weekend sounds fantastic! And a spa day- even better. I desperately need one of those!

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