Presentations For Cancer Survivors and Caregivers

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“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside of you.” – Maya Angelou
With the technologies and techniques of video editing now readily available to people of any skill level, digital storytelling is a great way to help people share their cancer story. In one weekend (20 hours, Friday night – Sunday afternoon) participants with any skill level will write a meaningful story, create a storyboard, scan pictures, take video, select music and combine it all together into a beautiful and powerful digital story.

The medical and academic world has traditionally focused mainly on the creation and dissemination of facts and knowledge. However, there is an increasing awareness that gaining wisdom and understanding of the patient experience is equally important to treat people effectively. Mike Lang will talk about his journey from cancer patient to film producer/speaker, and then to academic researcher, while highlighting the importance of connecting health care professionals with the lived experience of their patients. Everyone will leave with a greater understanding of the health care professional audience as well as some simple ideas to get started.

Mike’s B.H.K. degree is in Therapeutic Recreation has spent many years working with groups of people on the Challenge Course, in a camp and wilderness setting and more recently in a health care setting. There are many simple social recreation-based techniques and activities that can be used to help build a supportive and collaborative community in whatever setting you find yourself in. Mike and Bonnie will share everything they have learned over the past 10 years of working with diverse groups of people…. and you can be guaranteed that it will be a whole lot of fun at the same time!

Using stories from his own cancer experience, along with short clips from his film projects, experiential illustrations and lessons from other cancer survivors he has met, Mike will talk about what he has learned about remaining human in the midst of the incredible trial of cancer. Mike’s story illustrates that through the choices we make it is possible to live well with, through and beyond cancer.