Grand Canyon Rafting Expedition – 2017


Spend 7 days traveling 188 river miles on a motorized raft through the majestic Grand Canyon, each day stopping to explore a new side canyon, Puebloan ruin, waterfall or aqua blue stream. Apart from exploring the unbelievable landscape, this trip will focus on living well post-treatments and regaining some of the vitality that may have been lost due to cancer. The trip will explore practical skills, such as guided meditation, building life mission statements and storytelling, as well as real life examples of survivors who have been able to turn their painful cancer experience into something that empowers and inspires others. Mike and Bonnie and 1-2 other cancer care professionals (TBD) will facilitate the evening discussions but the wisdom will come from the participants themselves.

Trip Info

Who: This trip is open to any young adult cancer survivors diagnosed and currently between the ages of 18 and 39ish. We will also allow cancer survivors over the age of 39 to attend if there are still spots open 3 months before the start of the trip.

What/Where: 7 incredible days exploring one of the natural wonders of the world with a very cool group of cancer survivors.

When: August 10th – 17th, 2017. You will need to arrive at the Las Vegas International Airport (Zero Level) before 11am on August 10th and you will arrive back at the Las Vegas Airport by 3pm on the 17th. You will receive more details about the travel arrangements when you apply.

Cost: The cost of the trip is $1701 USD ($500 deposit to Survive & Thrive and $1201 paid directly to Hatch). This includes all food, equipment, guides and transportation to and from the Las Vegas airport (retail cost of the trip is $2688! Thanks for the killer deal Hatch!). However, we do not want cost to be a barrier and we can help you raise funds or help you find someone to sponsor you to come. We also have a very limited amount participant stipend money available for demonstrated need, but since you have a year to raise/save money, we ask that you pursue all other options first! Please indicate on the application form that you will need help with fundraising. Also, each participant is expected to bring some extra spending money for the first dinner and a tip for the Hatch River guides (approx. $160 USD).

Other Details

  1. A survivor may bring one close supporter who has been with them throughout their cancer journey.
  2. Each participant is responsible for their travel to and from Las Vegas, NV.
  3. All cancer survivor participants must complete the medical information form in order to be eligible to attend an expedition. (These forms are sent to you after you apply).

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